Zato /zɑːtəʊ/
The next generation ESB and application server written in Python and released under a commercial-friendly LGPL license. Think:
  • » Increased productivity
  • » Painless rollouts with less downtime
  • » Out of the box support for HTTP, JSON, SOAP, Redis, AMQP, JMS WebSphere MQ, ZeroMQ, FTP, SQL, hot-deployment, job scheduling, statistics, high-availability load balancing and more
  • » Slick web admin GUI, CLI and API
  • » Awesome documentation
  • » 24x7 commercial support and training
  • » Growing community around the project

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What makes Zato unique

  • » Open-source ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and app server in Python
  • » Using Python alone gives you increased productivity
  • » HA load-balancer, hot-deployment and hot-reconfiguration almost everywhere - forget server restarts
  • » Browser-based GUI, CLI and API - forget XML configuration
  • » Written by pragmatists for pragmatists - you’ll never have to spend an entire night debugging a horror system running on an exotic platform again
  • » Protocols, industry standards and data formats - HTTP, JSON, SOAP, AMQP, JMS WebSphere MQ, ZeroMQ, Redis, SQL, FTP, security and more
  • » Commercial support and training available. Growing community around the project.

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24x7 commercial support and training
Community mailing list and IRC

Several hundred A4 pages of documentation for you

Open-source, LGPL, Zato is free to use in commercial and other projects

Where project's life is commented by @zatosource

For every professional to join

Everyone is highly encouraged to participate in the project!