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JSON Pointer syntax, as defined in RFC 6901 offers means to navigate through JSON documents /using/paths/in/documents - here’s how to make use of them in the upcoming version 2.0 of Zato.

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While Zato can support AMQP, WebSphere MQ, ZeroMQ or FTP as well, the majority of environments will use the ubiquituous HTTP protocol only and this post describes the traffic patterns within a typical HTTP-only cluster consisting of a load-balancer, web admin, Redis, SQL ODB and two servers, right after it’s been installed without any user-specific customizations.

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A Zato ESB and application server feature that has just been added on GitHub is an HTTP access log. This is an additional log to what has been already available in regular server logs and keeps nothing but information regarding HTTP requests in a format used by Apache httpd. This makes it possible to use existing tools in order to parse and extract interesting information out of the logs.

Topics: REST