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This how-to shows what is needed to send AMQP messages to exchanges using Zato, which is a Python-based ESB for SOA, cloud integrations and backend services.

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A feature recently added in git development branch that will be released in 2.0 is the ability to specify services to be invoked when a server is starting up.

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This is a feature that will be added in much a broader scope - along with GUI, API and more usage examples - in next releases, but for 1.1, a zato-labs project is provided to support an invoke/retry pattern.

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Imagine, or recall, a scenario. You integrate three applications, two client HTTP ones and the third is a backend one (no matter the technology) […]

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It was always possible to use GUI, API or a service to ping an outgoing HTTP/SOAP connection - the idea behind it is that you pretty much always want to check whether it is your servers that can connect to remote services not that you can access remote resources from your local host as it doesn’t tell you, for instance, if firewalls between the servers and outside world are configured properly.

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