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A newly released zato-enclog package lets one store Python logs in an encrypted form making it a great fit for environments that cannot keep clear text form of data such as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in HIPAA-compliant applications.

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Das Akronym ESB und ein damit verwandtes - SOA - kann Verwirrung hervorrufen. ESB steht für “Enterprise Service Bus” - ein Datenbus zur Bereitstellung von Diensten in Unternehmen. SOA steht für “Service Oriented Architecture” - eine dienstorientierte Architektur.

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One of the nice things added in Zato 2.0 is the improved ability to store code of one’s API services directly in a server’s hot-deploy directory - each time a file is saved it is uploaded on server and automatically propagated throughout all the other nodes in a cluster the given server belongs to.

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