Check out the command line snippet and screenshot below - as of a recent git main version on GitHub it’s possible to use MySQL as a Zato’s SQL Operational Database. This is in addition to previously supported databases - PostgreSQL and Oracle DB.

The command shown was taken straight from the tutorial

  • the only difference is that MySQL has been used instead of PostgreSQL.
$ zato quickstart create ~/env/qs-1 mysql localhost 3306 zato1 zato1 localhost 6379

ODB database password (will not be echoed):
Enter the odb_password again (will not be echoed):

Key/value database password (will not be echoed):
Enter the kvdb_password again (will not be echoed):

[1/8] Certificate authority created
[2/8] ODB schema created
[3/8] ODB initial data created
[4/8] server1 created
[5/8] server2 created
[6/8] Load-balancer created
Superuser created successfully.
[7/8] Web admin created
[8/8] Management scripts created

Quickstart cluster quickstart-887030 created
Web admin user:[admin], password:[ilat-edan-atey-uram]
Start the cluster by issuing the /home/dsuch/env/qs-1/ command
Visit for more information and support options