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In this tutorial, one in the series that covers Atlassian APIs, I will show how to integrate with Confluence, how to connect to your wiki and how to extract information from it using Python.

Topics:Atlassian, Confluence, API

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In systems-to-systems integrations, there comes an inevitable time when we have to employ some kind of a web scraping tool to integrate with a particular application. Despite its not being our first choice, it is good to know what to use at such a time - in this article, I provide a gentle introduction to my favourite tool of this kind, called Playwright.

Topics:Atlassian, Jira, API, Web scraping

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Continuing in the series of articles about newest cloud connections in Zato 3.2, this episode covers Atlassian Jira from the perspective of invoking its APIs to build integrations between Jira and other systems.

Topics:API, Atlassian, Jira