zato create


Creates a Zato object, such as a server or user.

Load balancers, servers and web-admin instances are components created as a set of files and directories. For each such component, a marker file, .zato-info, is created and contains a JSON document describing some basic metadata regarding the given component.

Sample .zato-info:

 "created_user_host": "admin1@prod17",
 "version": "1.1",
 "component": "SERVER",
 "created_ts": "2013-06-13T22:32:23.697300"
Key Description
created_user_host Username/hostname pair pointing to who created the component and what system it was on
version Zato version the component was created with
component One of: CA, LOAD_BALANCER, SERVER or WEB_ADMIN. CA is a Certificate Authority created by quickstart clusters.
created_ts When the component was created, in UTC