Installation under Docker


  • Docker 1.0.1+

Installation steps

Quickstart cluster

  • Get Zato Dockerfile
host$ mkdir -p ~/zato-docker && cd ~/zato-docker && \
  • Build Zato Docker image
host$ sudo docker build --no-cache -t zato-2.0.8 .
  • Retrieve your web admin password. The password will be printed out on terminal:
host$ sudo docker run zato-2.0.8 /bin/bash -c 'cat /opt/zato/web_admin_password \
  • Create a container in which Zato components will be launched:
host$ sudo docker run -it -p 22 -p 6379:6379 -p 8183:8183 -p 17010:17010 -p 17011:17011 \
        -p 11223:11223 zato-2.0.8

That concludes the process - a web-admin instance is running on http://localhost:8183 and you can log into it with the username 'admin' using the password printed on the terminal above.

You can also connect via SSH to the container under which Zato is running. User: zato. Password: second one of the two printed on terminal above.

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