Certificate Authority (CA)


Zato CA’s main purpose is to support the creation of quickstart clusters. Even though it’s technically possible to use the CA as a standard solution in an organization, it’s not really recommended and there are no plans to develop the CA into a more feature-rich solution.

The CA is used through the command line and works by executing openssl commands in subprocesses.

While purposefully limited in its extent, the CA still allows one to customize the output of running the commands by updating the ./ca-material/openssl-template.conf configuration file.

It’s perfectly fine to add, modify or remove some fields from this INI-style config file - after substituting several basic fields, such as organization or organizational_unit, Zato simply passed the file contents directly to openssl.

Note that unlike web admin, servers and the load-balancer, the CA won’t keep a history of updates to the configuration file in a local repository, that is, there won’t be any way to automatically revert to a previous version of ./ca-material/openssl-template.conf should things go awry.