The SQL Operational Database (ODB) is a database used for storing data that is of less dynamic character than what is used by Redis. This includes configuration that is common to all servers in a cluster and data the web admin needs for proper operation.

Administrators use CLI to create all the SQL objects an ODB requires. Note that once it’s been done, no Zato component will need DDL permissions to be granted.

Multiple clusters can use a single ODB without any interference, note however that if multiple web admin instances use the same ODB, they will all share users. This is so that for a given class of environments, e.g. the development, there shouldn’t be a need for creating new users for each cluster if the same people will be developing services on all the clusters sharing the same ODB.

The ODB can be created using one the following SQL databases:

Note that any passwords stored in the ODB are always in clear text, they aren’t encrypted in any way.