Publish/subscribe topics

Used for adding and deleting topics, accessing screens for publishers and consumers, as well as for publishing messages to topics from a web browser.

Managing topics


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Name of the topic
Active Whether it’s active and can be published to
Max depth If topic has no subscribers or if they don’t consume messages for any reasons, how many messages may stay on the topic’s underlying queue until it’s declared full and won’t allow any new publications



Deletes a topic along with all of its producers and consumers.

Publishing messages from browser

Users can publish messages to topics directly from web browsers by clicking the Publish a message link that leads to a form whose submission will result in placing a message on the topic’s queue out of which it will be routed to consumers.

From the perspective of consumers, this is exactly as though the message was published from a REST client.

../../_images/topic-publish-link.png ../../_images/topic-publish.png
Header Notes
(Main textarea) Payload of the message to submit
MIME type MIME of the payload, such as application/json or application/xml, returned to consumers with the payload - there is no validation that the MIME type actually corresponds in any way to what is being submitted
Priority Message priority influencing the order of delivery to consumers
Expiration After how many seconds the message will expire if not consumed. Note that the expiration time starts to tick only if there is at least one consumer for the topic.

Message browsing

Messages that are still in a topic queue - for instance, if there are no consumers or if background Zato tasks have not moved them yet to queues of target consumers - can be browsed.

This allows one to check what is enqueued, including its payload and associated metadata.

../../_images/topic-browse-link.png ../../_images/topic-browse-list.png ../../_images/topic-browse-details.png


Version Notes
2.0 Added initially