Zato 3.0 Public API


Name Description
1 zato.cache.builtin.clear Clears out a cache by its ID - deletes all keys and values.
2 zato.cache.builtin.create Creates a built-in cache definition.
3 zato.cache.builtin.delete Deletes a built-in cache definition.
4 zato.cache.builtin.edit Updates a built-in cache definition.
5 zato.cache.builtin.entry.create Creates a new entry in the cache given on input.
6 zato.cache.builtin.entry.delete Deletes an entry from the cache given on input.
7 zato.cache.builtin.entry.get Returns an individual entry from the cache given on input.
8 zato.cache.builtin.entry.get-list Returns a list of entries from the cache given on input.
9 zato.cache.builtin.entry.update Updates an existing entry in the cache given on input.
10 zato.cache.builtin.get Returns configuration of a cache definition.
11 zato.cache.builtin.get-list Returns a list of built-in cache definitions.
12 zato.cache.memcached.create Creates a Memcached cache definition.
13 zato.cache.memcached.delete Deletes a Memcached cache definition.
14 zato.cache.memcached.edit Updates a Memcached cache definition.
15 zato.cache.memcached.get-list Returns a list of Memcached cache definitions.
16 Creates a new AMQP channel.
17 Deletes an AMQP channel.
18 Updates an AMQP channel.
19 Returns a list of AMQP channels.
20 Creates a new IBM MQ channel.
21 Deletes an IBM MQ MQ channel.
22 Updates an IBM MQ MQ channel.
23 Returns a list of IBM MQ channels.
24 Creates a WebSocket channel.
25 Deletes a WebSocket channel.
26 Updates a WebSocket channel.
27 Returns a list of WSX connections for a particular channel.
28 Returns a list of WebSocket channels.
29 Returns a list of pub/sub sub_key data for a particular WSX connection.
30 Creates a new ZeroMQ channel.
31 Deletes a ZeroMQ channel.
32 Updates a ZeroMQ channel.
33 Returns a list of ZeroMQ channels.
34 Starts a ZeroMQ channel.
35 Creates a new AWS S3 connection.
36 Deletes an AWS S3 connection.
37 Updates an AWS S3 connection.
38 Returns a list of AWS S3 connections.
39 Creates a new OpenStack Swift connection.
40 Deletes an OpenStack Swift connection.
41 Updates an OpenStack Swift connection.
42 Returns a list of OpenStack Swift connections.
43 zato.crypto.decrypt Decrypts data previously encrypted using the server’s default key.
44 zato.crypto.encrypt Encrypts data given on input using the server’s default key.
45 zato.crypto.generate-password Generates a new password of input bits strength.
46 zato.crypto.generate-secret Generates a new secret of input bits strength.
47 zato.crypto.hash-secret Hashes a secret using the server’s default key
48 zato.crypto.verify-hash Returns a boolean flag indicating if given input matches the expected hash.
49 zato.definition.amqp.change-password Changes the password of an AMQP connection definition.
50 zato.definition.amqp.create Creates an AMQP definition.
51 zato.definition.amqp.delete Deletes an AMQP definition.
52 zato.definition.amqp.edit Updates an AMQP definition.
53 zato.definition.amqp.get-by-id Returns a particular AMQP definition by its ID.
54 zato.definition.amqp.get-list Returns a list of AMQP definitions.
55 zato.definition.cassandra.change-password Changes the password of a Cassandra connection definition.
56 zato.definition.cassandra.create Creates a Cassandra connection.
57 zato.definition.cassandra.delete Deletes a Cassandra connection.
58 zato.definition.cassandra.edit Updates a Cassandra connection.
59 zato.definition.cassandra.get-list Returns a list of Cassandra connections.
60 zato.definition.jms-wmq.change-password Changes the password of an IBM MQ connection definition.
61 zato.definition.jms-wmq.create Creates a new IBM MQ definition.
62 zato.definition.jms-wmq.delete Deletes an IBM MQ definition.
63 zato.definition.jms-wmq.edit Updates an IBM MQ definition.
64 zato.definition.jms-wmq.get-by-id Returns a particular IBM MQ definition.
65 zato.definition.jms-wmq.get-list Returns a list of IBM MQ definitions available.
66 Pings a remote queue manager a given connection definition ID points to.
67 Changes the password of an IMAP connection.
68 Creates an IMAP connection.
69 Deletes an IMAP connection.
70 Updates an IMAP connection.
71 Returns a list of IMAP connections.
72 Pings an IMAP connection to check its configuration.
73 Changes the password of an SMTP connection.
74 Creates an SMTP connection.
75 Deletes an SMTP connection.
76 Updates an SMTP connection.
77 Returns a list of SMTP connections.
78 Pings an SMTP connection to check its configuration.
79 zato.generic.connection.change-password Changes the secret (password) of a generic connection.
80 zato.generic.connection.create Creates a new generic connection.
81 zato.generic.connection.delete Deletes a generic connection.
82 zato.generic.connection.edit Updates an existing generic connection.
83 zato.generic.connection.get-list Returns a list of generic connections by their type; includes pagination.
84 Creates all the filesystem directories and files out of a deployment package stored in the ODB.
85 zato.http-soap.create Creates a new HTTP/SOAP connection.
86 zato.http-soap.delete Deletes an HTTP/SOAP connection.
87 zato.http-soap.edit Updates an HTTP/SOAP connection.
88 zato.http-soap.get Returns information about an individual HTTP/SOAP object by its ID.
89 zato.http-soap.get-list Returns a list of HTTP/SOAP connections.
90 zato.http-soap.get-url-security Returns a JSON document describing the security configuration of all Zato channels.
91 Pings an HTTP/SOAP connection.
92 zato.http-soap.reload-wsdl Reloads WSDL by recreating the whole underlying queue of SOAP clients.
93 zato.ide-deploy.create Like but returns an empty string if input payload is empty to let IDEs test server connections.
94 Creates a new dictionary entry.
95 Deletes a dictionary entry by its ID.
96 Updates a dictionary entry.
97 Returns a list of keys used in a system’s dictionary.
98 Returns the value of the last dictionary’s ID or nothing at all if the key for holding its value doesn’t exist.
99 Returns a list of dictionary items.
100 Returns a list of systems used in dictionaries.
101 Returns a list of values used in a system dictionary’s key.
102 Imports a bz2-compressed JSON document containing data dictionaries replacing any other existing ones.
103 Creates a translation between dictionary entries.
104 Deletes a translation between dictionary entries.
105 Updates a translation between dictionary entries.
106 Returns the value of the last dictionary’s ID or nothing at all if the key for holding its value doesn’t exist.
107 Returns a list of translations.
108 Translates keys and values between systems.
109 zato.kvdb.remote-command.execute Executes a command against the key/value DB.
110 zato.message.json-pointer.create Creates a new JSON Pointer.
111 zato.message.json-pointer.delete Deletes a JSON Pointer.
112 zato.message.json-pointer.edit Updates a JSON Pointer.
113 zato.message.json-pointer.get-list Returns a list of JSON Pointers available.
114 zato.message.namespace.create Creates a new namespace.
115 zato.message.namespace.delete Deletes a namespace.
116 zato.message.namespace.edit Updates a namespace.
117 zato.message.namespace.get-list Returns a list of namespaces available.
118 zato.message.xpath.create Creates a new XPath.
119 zato.message.xpath.delete Deletes an XPath.
120 zato.message.xpath.edit Updates an XPath.
121 zato.message.xpath.get-list Returns a list of XPaths available.
122 Creates a new OpenStack Swift notification definition.
123 Deletes an OpenStack Swift notification definition.
124 Updates an OpenStack Swift notification definition.
125 Returns a list of OpenStack Swift notification definitions.
126 zato.notif.sql.create Creates an SQL notification.
127 zato.notif.sql.delete Deletes an SQL notification.
128 zato.notif.sql.edit Updates an SQL notification.
129 zato.notif.sql.get-list Returns a list of SQL notifications.
130 zato.outgoing.amqp.create Creates a new outgoing AMQP connection.
131 zato.outgoing.amqp.delete Deletes an outgoing AMQP connection.
132 zato.outgoing.amqp.edit Updates an outgoing AMQP connection.
133 zato.outgoing.amqp.get-list Returns a list of outgoing AMQP connections.
134 zato.outgoing.ftp.change-password Changes the password of an outgoing FTP connection.
135 zato.outgoing.ftp.create Creates a new outgoing FTP connection.
136 zato.outgoing.ftp.delete Deletes an outgoing FTP connection.
137 zato.outgoing.ftp.edit Updates an outgoing FTP connection.
138 zato.outgoing.ftp.get-list Returns a list of outgoing FTP connections.
139 zato.outgoing.jms-wmq.create Creates a new outgoing IBM MQ connection.
140 zato.outgoing.jms-wmq.delete Deletes an outgoing IBM MQ connection.
141 zato.outgoing.jms-wmq.edit Updates an outgoing IBM MQ connection.
142 zato.outgoing.jms-wmq.get Returns details of a single outgoing IBM MQ connection.
143 zato.outgoing.jms-wmq.get-list Returns a list of outgoing IBM MQ connections.
144 zato.outgoing.jms-wmq.send-message Sends a message to an IBM MQ queue.
145 zato.outgoing.odoo.change-password Changes the password of an Odoo connection
146 zato.outgoing.odoo.create Creates an Odoo connection.
147 zato.outgoing.odoo.delete Deletes an Odoo connection.
148 zato.outgoing.odoo.edit Updates an Odoo connection.
149 zato.outgoing.odoo.get-list Returns a list of Odoo connections.
150 Pings an Odoo connection to check its configuration.
151 Changes the password of an SAP connection
152 Creates a SAP RFC connection.
153 Deletes a SAP RFC connection.
154 Updates a SAP RFC connection.
155 Returns a list of SAP RFC connections.
156 Pings a SAP connection to check its configuration.
157 Invoked periodically from the scheduler - pings all the existing SQL connections.
158 zato.outgoing.sql.change-password Changes the password of an outgoing SQL connection.
159 zato.outgoing.sql.create Creates a new outgoing SQL connection.
160 zato.outgoing.sql.delete Deletes an outgoing SQL connection.
161 zato.outgoing.sql.edit Updates an outgoing SQL connection.
162 zato.outgoing.sql.get-engine-list Returns a list of all engines defined in sql.conf.
163 zato.outgoing.sql.get-list Returns a list of outgoing SQL connections.
164 Pings an SQL database
165 zato.outgoing.zmq.create Creates a new outgoing ZeroMQ connection.
166 zato.outgoing.zmq.delete Deletes an outgoing ZeroMQ connection.
167 zato.outgoing.zmq.edit Updates an outgoing ZeroMQ connection.
168 zato.outgoing.zmq.get-list Returns a list of outgoing ZeroMQ connections.
169 A ping service, useful for API testing.
170 zato.ping2 Works exactly the same as, added to have another service for API testing.
171 zato.query.cassandra.create Creates a Cassandra query.
172 zato.query.cassandra.delete Deletes a Cassandra query.
173 zato.query.cassandra.edit Updates a Cassandra query.
174 zato.query.cassandra.get-list Returns a list of Cassandra queries.
175 zato.scheduler.job.create Creates a new scheduler’s job.
176 zato.scheduler.job.delete Deletes a scheduler’s job.
177 zato.scheduler.job.edit Updates a scheduler’s job.
178 zato.scheduler.job.execute Executes a scheduler’s job.
179 zato.scheduler.job.get-by-name Returns a job by its name.
180 zato.scheduler.job.get-list Returns a list of all jobs defined in the scheduler.
181 zato.scheduler.job.set-active-status Actives or deactivates a job.
182 Creates an ElasticSearch connection.
183 Deletes an ElasticSearch connection.
184 Updates an ElasticSearch connection.
185 Returns a list of ElasticSearch connections.
186 Creates a Solr connection.
187 Deletes a Solr connection.
188 Updates a Solr connection.
189 Returns a list of Solr connections.
190 Pings a Solr connection to check if it is alive.
191 Changes the password of an API key.
192 Creates a new API key.
193 Deletes an API key.
194 Updates an API key.
195 Returns a list of API keys available.
196 Changes the password of an AWS definition.
197 Creates a new AWS definition.
198 Deletes an AWS definition.
199 Updates an AWS definition.
200 Returns a list of AWS definitions available.
201 Changes the password of an HTTP Basic Auth definition.
202 Creates a new HTTP Basic Auth definition.
203 Deletes an HTTP Basic Auth definition.
204 Updates an HTTP Basic Auth definition.
205 Returns a list of HTTP Basic Auth definitions available.
206 Returns a list of all security definitions available.
207 Changes the password of a JWT definition.
208 Creates a new JWT definition.
209 Deletes a JWT definition.
210 Updates a JWT definition.
211 Returns the list of JWT definitions available.
212 Logs user into using JWT-backed credentials and returns a new token if credentials were correct.
213 Logs a user out of an existing JWT token.
214 Changes the password of an NTLM definition.
215 Creates a new NTLM definition.
216 Deletes an NTLM definition.
217 Updates an NTLM definition.
218 Returns a list of NTLM definitions available.
219 Changes the password of an OAuth definition.
220 Creates a new OAuth definition.
221 Deletes an OAuth definition.
222 Updates an OAuth definition.
223 Returns a list of OAuth definitions available.
224 Creates an RBAC client role.
225 Deletes an RBAC client role.
226 Returns a list of client definitions - Zato’s built-in security mechanisms as well as custom ones, as defined by users.
227 Returns a list of RBAC client roles.
228 Creates an RBAC permission.
229 Deletes an RBAC permission.
230 Updates an RBAC permission.
231 Returns a list of RBAC permissions.
232 Creates an RBAC role permission.
233 Deletes an RBAC role permission.
234 This service is a no-op added only for API completeness.
235 Returns a list of RBAC role permissions.
236 Creates an RBAC role.
237 Deletes an RBAC role.
238 Updates an RBAC role.
239 Returns a list of RBAC roles.
240 Creates a TLS CA cert.
241 Deletes a TLS CA cert.
242 Updates a TLS CA cert.
243 Returns a list of TLS CA certs.
244 Creates a TLS channel security definition.
245 Deletes a TLS channel security definition.
246 Updates a TLS channel security definition.
247 Returns a list of TLS channel security definitions.
248 Creates a TLS key/cert pair.
249 Deletes a TLS key/cert pair.
250 Updates a TLS key/cert pair.
251 Returns a list of TLS key/cert pairs.
252 Creates a Vault connection.
253 Deletes a Vault connection.
254 Updates a Vault connection.
255 Returns a list of Vault connections.
256 Changes the password of a WS-Security definition.
257 Creates a new WS-Security definition.
258 Deletes a WS-Security definition.
259 Updates a WS-Security definition.
260 Returns a list of WS-Security definitions available.
261 Changes the password of an XPath-based security definition.
262 Creates a new XPath-based security definition.
263 Deletes an XPath-based security definition.
264 Updates an XPath-based security definition.
265 Returns a list of XPath-based security definitions available.
266 zato.server.delete Deletes a server’s definition from ODB (not from the filesystem).
267 zato.server.edit Updates a server.
268 zato.server.get-by-id Returns a particular server
269 zato.server.get-list Returns a list of Zato servers.
270 zato.service.configure-request-response Updates the request/response-related configuration.
271 zato.service.delete Deletes a service.
272 zato.service.edit Updates a service.
273 zato.service.get-by-id Returns a particular service by its ID.
274 zato.service.get-by-name Returns a particular service by its name.
275 zato.service.get-channel-list Returns a list of channels of a given type through which the service is exposed.
276 zato.service.get-deployment-info-list Returns detailed information regarding the service’s deployment status on each of the servers it’s been deployed to.
277 zato.service.get-list Returns a list of services.
278 zato.service.get-request-response Returns a sample request/response along with information on how often the pairs should be stored in the DB.
279 zato.service.get-source-info Returns information on the service’s source code.
280 zato.service.invoke Invokes the service directly, as though it was exposed through a channel defined in web-admin.
281 zato.service.slow-response.get Returns information regading a particular slow response of a service.
282 zato.service.slow-response.get-list Returns a list of basic information regarding slow responses of a given service.
283 zato.service.upload-package Uploads a package with service(s) to be hot-deployed.
284 zato.sms.twilio.create Creates a Twilio connection.
285 zato.sms.twilio.delete Deletes a Twilio connection.
286 zato.sms.twilio.edit Updates a Twilio connection.
287 zato.sms.twilio.get Returns details of an SMS Twilio connection.
288 zato.sms.twilio.get-list Returns a list of Twilio connections.
289 zato.sms.twilio.send-message Sends a text message through an SMS Twilio connection.