zato apispec


Generates API documentation for services that use SimpleIO. The documentation is output as a Sphinx project containing an OpenAPI specification and a textual description of services.

Before executing zato apispec command, make sure that Sphinx is installed in the system.

After running the command, navigate to the output directory and run the command below to build HTML pages with the documentation:

$ cd <output-dir>
$ make html

Where <output-dir> is the directory that was created or overwritten by zato apispec command.


  • (None)

Command-specific parameters

Name Required Description
path Yes File-system path to a running Zato server
–include A comma-separated list of service name patterns that should be included in output. Asterisk [*] may be used to match multiple characters, as in shell glob patterns.
–exclude As above but signifies services that should not be output
–with-internal If given on input, Zato’s own services will be output too
–dir Directory to save the documentation to; if –delete-dir is not provided, the command will refuse to continue if the output directory exists
–delete-dir Whether the directory pointed to by –dir should be deleted if it already exists


$ zato apispec [-h] [--store-log] [--verbose] [--store-config]
                [--include INCLUDE] [--with-internal] [--exclude EXCLUDE]
                [--dir DIR] [--delete-dir]
$ zato apispec /path/to/server --include="my.api.v2.*, my.api.v3" --dir my-apispec
Output saved to /home/zato/my-apispec

$ cd /home/zato/my-apispec
$ make html
$ (Documentation is now in /home/zato/my-apispec/_build/html/index.html)


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially