zato create odb

Creates an ODB’s structure - sets up all the SQL objects needed to support multiple Zato clusters, such as tables and indexes.

Depending on the database type, the database user will need to be granted rights required for creating SQL objects. It is recommended that the during the command’s execution the user be the database’s owner. These elevated privileges can be curtailed upon the command’s successful completion.

Passwords asked for during the command’s execution will not be echoed.

Command-specific parameters

Name Description Example value
–postgresql_schema PostgreSQL only: database schema to use zato
–odb_password ODB password kf094z203mck2303
odb_type ODB type, must be one of: [‘oracle’, ‘postgresql’] postgresql
odb_host Host the ODB is running on localhost
odb_port Port the ODB is listening at 5432
odb_user Username to connect to ODB with zato1
odb_db_name ODB database name zatodb1


$ zato create odb [-h] [--store-log] [--verbose] [--store-config]
  [--postgresql_schema POSTGRESQL_SCHEMA] [--odb_password ODB_PASSWORD]
  odb_type odb_host odb_port odb_user odb_db_name
$ zato create odb postgresql localhost 5432 zato1 zatodb1

ODB database password (will not be echoed):
Enter the odb_password again (will not be echoed):


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially