zato quickstart create


Quickly creates a Zato cluster. Sets up a Certificate Authority (CA), web admin, a load-balancer, and two Zato servers. This is a great way to get started with Zato as its creates everything that is needed to familiarize yourself with how a complete Zato environment looks like.

Before running the command, make sure the following are up and running

  • An SQL database, either PostgreSQL or Oracle
  • A Redis database

On a successful completion, the following environment will be created:

├── ca
├── load-balancer
├── server1
├── server2
├── web-admin

The CA will generate crypto certificates and all the components will be configured to make use of them.

The web admin's user to log in with is 'admin' and its randomly generated human-readable password will be printed out to screen (otot-oama-mges-enan in the usage example below).

Note that a new admin user will not be created if one already exists in the ODB, for instance, if there's already been a quickstart cluster created using the ODB connection parameters provided. In such case, you should use the already existing admin credentials for connecting to the new cluster's web admin console. Tip: use the zato update password command if you don't remember the password.

Any passwords asked for will not be echoed.

Command-specific parameters

Name Description Example value
--postgresql_schema PostgreSQL only: database schema to use zato
--odb_password ODB password kf094z203mck2303
--kvdb_password Key/value DB password (Redis), if any s49344df2349ur4d
path An empty directory to install the environment to ~/zato/quickstart1
odb_type ODB type, must be one of: ['oracle', 'postgresql'] postgresql
odb_host Host the ODB is running on localhost
odb_port Port the ODB is listening at 5432
odb_user Username to connect to ODB with zato1
odb_db_name ODB database name zatodb1
kvdb_host Key/value DB host (Redis) localhost
kvdb_port Key/value DB port (Redis) 6379


$ zato quickstart create [-h] [--store-log] [--verbose] [--store-config]
    [--postgresql_schema POSTGRESQL_SCHEMA] [--odb_password ODB_PASSWORD]
    [--kvdb_password KVDB_PASSWORD]
    path odb_type odb_host odb_port odb_user odb_db_name
    kvdb_host kvdb_port
$ zato quickstart create ~/zato/quickstart1 postgresql localhost 5432 zato1 zatodb1
    localhost 6379

ODB database password (will not be echoed):
Enter the odb_password again (will not be echoed):

Key/value database password (will not be echoed):
Enter the kvdb_password again (will not be echoed):
[1/8] Certificate authority created
[2/8] ODB schema created
[3/8] ODB initial data created
[4/8] server1 created
[5/8] server2 created
[6/8] Load-balancer created
Superuser created successfully.
[7/8] Web admin created
[8/8] Management scripts created
Quickstart cluster quickstart-579475 created
Web admin user:[admin], password:[otot-oama-mges-enan]
Start the cluster by issuing the /home/zato1/zato/quickstart1/ command
Visit for more information and support options