zato sso change-user-password


Changes a user’s password to a selected one. Use zato sso reset-user-password to have Zato auto-generate a strong password for user and print it to stdout.

The user must already exist. Optionally, sets a non-default expiry for password or a flag to force the user to change the password on next login.

Password must be valid per input server’s configuration.

The absence of –must-change means that its existing value will not be changed - for instance, if the flag is already true in the database and it was not given on input, it will continue to be true.


  • (None)

Command-specific parameters

Name Description Example value
path Path to a Zato server, may be running or not /home/zato/env/server1
username Username of the account to change the password of user1
–password New password, if not given on input a prompt will be shown Vx-AJBvbZ~XDg6:ZF3
–expiry Password expiry in days, if not given and if not overridden in server’s configuration, the default value of 760 days will be used (2 years) 2
–must-change Whether the user must change the password on next login. true


$ usage: zato sso change-user-password [-h] [--store-log] [--verbose]
                                 [--store-config] [--password PASSWORD]
                                 [--expiry EXPIRY]
                                 [--must-change MUST_CHANGE]
                                 path username
$ zato sso change-user-password /home/zato/env/server1 user1 --password Vx-AJBvbZ~XDg6:ZF3
Changed password for user `user1`
$ zato sso change-user-password /home/zato/env/server1 user1
New password (will not echo):
Password again (will not echo):
Changed password for user `user1`


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially