zato sso delete-user


Deletes an existing user. The action is irrevocable, it is not possible to undo it.

The command works with both regular and super-users. A confirmation prompt to confirm the deletion is shown if –yes is not given on input.

Check zato sso lock-user for a command that will lock a user account to prevent the user from logging in without deleting it entirely.


  • (None)

Command-specific parameters

Name Description Example value
path Path to a Zato server, may be running or not /home/zato/env/server1
username Username of the account to delete user1


$ zato sso delete-user [-h] [--store-log] [--verbose] [--store-config]
                path username
$ zato sso delete-user /home/zato/env/server1 user1
Delete user? `user1` [y/n] y
Deleted user `user1`
$ zato sso delete-user /home/zato/env/server1 user1
Delete user? `user1` [y/n] n
User `user1` kept intact
$ zato sso delete-user /home/zato/env/server1 user1 --yes
Deleted user `user1`


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially