Zato installation on Windows


  • Windows 10 or 2019 (64-bit)


  • Install Python 3.8 or 3.9. During the installation, choose the option to install Python for all users in the system.
  • Ensure that git.exe is on %Path%, e.g. by installing Git for Windows
  • (Optional) If running Windows in AWS, uninstall “aws-cfn-bootstrap”


  • Download and extract a .zip archive for your Python version:

  • Run the resulting .msi installer which will perform an unattended installation, without asking any questions

  • Run the commands below in a new PowerShell or cmd.exe window to install the latest updates.

    • For Python 3.8:

      cd %LocalAppData%\ZatoSource\Zato\Zato-3.2-Python-3.8\code
      git pull
    • For Python 3.9:

      cd %LocalAppData%\ZatoSource\Zato\Zato-3.2-Python-3.9\code
      git pull
  • Open a new PowerShell or cmd.exe window and confirm the installation

    zato --version
    # Output -> Zato 3.2+rev.<nnn>-py3.n.n-<windows-version>

That concludes the process - you can refer to the main documentation index now.