Solutions deployment

Two kinds of deployment

  • Hot-deployment - a major concept in Zato thanks to which there is almost never any need to restart Zato servers.

    For instance, if you update a REST channel, only that particular element needs to be refereshed by the server. Or, if you deploy a service, nothing else in the server is restarted.

    Any hot-deployed change is automatically propagated across all the servers in a cluster which means that it suffices to hot-deploy to one server only and the rest of them will pick up your changes themselves.

    Thanks to hot-deployment, Zato servers can offer uninterrupted high-availability without server restarts.

  • Static deployment - a classical approach, particularly useful with Docker or installations making use of AWS pre-built images and similar techniques.

    In this approach, after any change to the configuration, each server in the cluster needs to be restarted so that it can refresh the information about the services deployed and their configuration.

The two approaches can be combined. For instance, you can pre-build an AWS image for your servers containing most of the configuration whereas some of it can be hot-deployed later on, depending on your needs.

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