Web admin


Web admin is a browser-based admin console, implemented in Django, used for the management of already existing clusters. That is, admins use CLI to create, start or stop clusters and servers and web admin is used to control other aspects of cluster that are operational.

A web admin instance uses the server public API to handle administrative tasks, it never directly modifies the contents of an ODB when it comes to cluster-specific data.

The only data in ODB a web admin instance will access directly is that of its own, such as web admin users or their settings.

A single web admin instance can be used to direct operations of more than one cluster.

If all the clusters a web admin instance manages use the same ODB, the very same set of user credentials can be used for the management of each cluster. That is, as long these clusters share the ODB, there can be only one web admin console instance to manage all of them. For instance, all development clusters can use the same ODB and web admin users will have to be created once only. Other environments, such as production, will use a different ODB hence a separate web admin instance, with its own users, should be created.

Admins use the CLI to create, start, stop and retrieve detailed information regarding web admin instances.