IDE integration overview

Zato supports hot-deployment of Python modules loaded in one of several supported Integrated Development Environments directly to a cluster, enabling faster develop/test cycles when prototyping services.

Supported IDEs are:

  • PyCharm
  • Visual Studio Code

Configuration overview

In a newly installed Zato cluster, the IDE deployment service and channel are preconfigured and associated with an RBAC role. A default account, ide_publisher, is created with a randomly assigned password and assigned to the RBAC role.

In order to make use of IDE deployment, it is only necessary to reset the password for this default account.

Additionally, you may create a new Basic Auth credential and assocate it with the IDE Publishers RBAC if you would like for each developer to use his or her own dedicated account.

Configuration steps

  • To reset the ide_publisher’s password, first visit the Security -> HTTP Basic Auth section of the administration UI for your cluster:
  • Select the Change password option for the pre-installed ide_publisher credential:
  • Set the password to a strong one and choose OK.
  • Choose a link below for details on how to install a Zato plugin for a particular IDE

Supported IDEs