Visual Studio Code

To enable hot-deployment from Visual Studio Code, ensure you have first followed the configuration instructions in IDE integration overview.


The Zato for Visual Studio Code plug-in available from the Visual Studio marketplace adds a default keybinding along with a toolbar button enabling simplified hot-deployment to your development cluster.

  1. Visit the Extensions Marketplace either in your browser, or within the application, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+X hot-key:

  2. After installation completes, visit the settings panel Ctrl+, to configure your cluster connection:


Automatic deployment

Automatic deployment is triggered on every file save if a Python file contains a special deployment marker within its first 100 lines of source code:

# zato: ide-deploy=True

For instance:

# zato: ide-deploy=True

from zato.server.service import Service

class MyService(Service):
    def handle(self):

Manual deployment

While editing any Python module, you can deploy to the configured Zato cluster by clicking the toolbar icon, or pressing the Ctrl+Shift+L hotkey:


Deployment Status

Success is indicated through a status panel that appears following activation:


Other IDEs