Pub/sub - endpoints - Flat files


Each Zato server is equipped with file listeners that are notified of changes to user-defined directories. It is possible to configure the listeners so as to publish information about new files, including their contents, as they appear in directories of choice.

An example workflow is:

  • Configure scheduler to periodically execute a service
  • The service saves to local directories files downloaded from remote resources, e.g. using FTP connections
  • Listeners automatically recognize that a new file appeared in a directory and publish its contents to one or more topics
  • Topic subscribers can be REST, AMQP, WebSockets or Java JMS endpoints and all of them receive the file in question


File transfer is managed through configuration files in each server’s config/repo/pickup.conf file. For instance, if a given server is installed in /opt/zato/env/prod/server1 the full path will be /opt/zato/env/prod/server1/config/repo/pickup.conf.

The file is in INI format. Each stanza deals with files to be picked up and published from a single directory, as below. The configuration can be potentially different for each server in cluster. After changes to the file, the server this file belongs to needs to be restarted.

patterns=invoice*.csv, invoice*.dat
topics=/crm/invoices, /erp/invoices
Key Notes
pickup_from The directory to listen for file changes in. May be an absolute path or relative to the directory where the server is installed.
move_processed_to The directory to move files to after they are published. Same as above with regards to absolute or relative paths.
patterns A comma-separated list of file patterns to take into account. Files whose names do not match any of patterns will be ignored.
read_on_pickup If True (default), the contents of the file will be published along with metadata. If False, only metadata, such as file name, will be published.
delete_after_pickup If True (default), the file will be deleted from the pickup_from directory after the publication
topics A comma-separate list of topics to publish the matching files to


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially