Zato release life-cycle policy

Zato Source offers a predictable release model designed to ensure both frequent delivery of new functionality as well as minimization of change between major releases.

Each major Zato release is published at the end of June, each year. June was chosen to make sure that Zato is compatible with latest LTS April Ubuntu releases.

Each major release receives 1 year of community support and at least 2 years of commercial support.

A major release is distributed as a binary package or image for Docker, Ubuntu, RHEL/CentOS, Suse and Debian.

As long as a given major release is supported, it periodically receives stability or security fixes and new enhancements to functionality. All such changes are always backwards-compatible within the same major release and are supported until the end of support for their major release.

Upgrades between major releases may be potentially backwards-incompatible.

Support for a particular operating system may be dropped at any time if the system’s vendor no longer supports it or if Python developers no longer support core packaging tools for such a system (e.g. pip).

Note that commercial support contracts can always tailor the life-cycle policy for specific needs, including creation of packages at any time or support extending to as many years as required - contact for more information.

Zato 3.2 key dates:

Release date Community support until Commercial support until
Q2 2021 Q2 2022 Q2 2023 (at least)