SessionAttr.names - REST API


Returns a list of all attribute names defined for a session.

  • HTTP method: GET
  • URL path: /zato/sso/session/attr/names


Name Datatype Optional Notes
current_ust string --- Current user's session token (UST)
target_ust string --- Target session's UST, the one that is being accessed (may be the same as current_ust)
current_app string --- Name of application that the call is attempted from


Name Datatype Optional Notes
cid string --- Correlation ID assigned to request
status string --- Overall status code
sub_status list Yes Returned only if status is not "ok", a list of error or warning codes
result list --- Names of all attributes, if any, defined for a session


$ curl -XGET localhost:17010/zato/sso/session/attr/names -d '
    "current_ust": "gAAAAABavmAV3rw6fQUS-Hg...",
    "target_ust": "gAAAAABavk-65BuvKI0JFPeu...",
    "current_app": "CRM"

    "status": "ok",
    "cid": "22fdd109d125f302d3c862db",
    "result": ["my-attribute", "my-attribute2", "my-attribute3"]