User.change_password - REST API


Changes a user’s password.

If UST only is on input, without user_id, user whose session it is will change his or her password.

If user_id is on input, another user, identified by that ID, will have the password changed - in this case the input UST must belong to a super-user’s session.

The new password is always validated against the configuruation.

  • HTTP method: PATCH
  • URL path: /zato/sso/user/password


Name Datatype Optional Needs super-user Notes
ust string Current user’s session token (UST)
current_app string Name of application that the call is attempted from
old_password string Yes Required if current user changes his or her own password
new_password string New password to set for user
user_id string Yes Yes ID of user whose password is to be changed, required if a super-user wants to change another person’s password
password_expiry integer Yes Yes Optionally, after how many days from current time the password will expire. If not set, a default value from configuration will be used.
must_change bool Yes Yes If True, the person whose password is being change will need to reset it on next login


Name Datatype Optional Notes
cid string Correlation ID assigned to request
status string Overall status code
sub_status list Yes Returned only if status is not “ok”, a list of error or warning codes


  • Input user is a regular one who is changing his or her own password:
$ curl -XPATCH localhost:17010/zato/sso/user -d '
   "ust":          "gAAAAABalTpNLXP6Xk_KN_SEjyd5ubjEkAmoGSXwpMA3x825D2VjLqgb-G...",
   "current_app":  "CRM",
   "old_password": "waHsAlUbA1XmU2zQrlTHXeDCvb6Urgn",
   "new_password": "p1GwvkP3cHTum7lIMz7SDitmp8fT8Mo",

  "cid": "6f916246696fbdd76f8a7073",
  "status": "ok"
  • Input user is a super-user who is changing another person’s password:
$ curl -XPATCH localhost:17010/zato/sso/user/password -d '
   "ust": "gAAAAABamuje_0YktSt38EyQmW...",
   "current_app": "CRM",
   "user_id": "zusr4vzbnqsfz68asstyrg7ypb4ghj",
   "new_password": "5c5Apw67534s55ukR_EZSVyH3DKr2ajNaa"


   "cid": "de00deb0471188dcdd9913a8",
   "status": "ok"