User.reject - REST API


Changes a user's approval_status to 'rejected'. A rejected user may not log in until he or she is approved. It is not an error to reject an already rejected user.

Only super-users may approve or reject other users.

  • HTTP method: POST
  • URL path: /zato/sso/user/reject


Name Datatype Optional Notes
ust string --- Current user's session token (UST) - must belong to a super-user
current_app string --- Name of application that the call is attempted from
user_id string --- ID of the user to reject


Name Datatype Optional Notes
cid string --- Correlation ID assigned to request
status string --- Overall status code
sub_status list Yes Returned only if status is not "ok", a list of error or warning codes


$ curl -XPOST localhost:17010/zato/sso/user/reject -d '
    "ust": "gAAAAABanYJQziYsPwDYOFJSR5...",
    "user_id": "zusr73fzk8ncns8vd98dhpt0zjbese",
    "current_app": "CRM"

  "cid": "50766febc45ea49373dcedc2",
  "status": "ok"