User.reset_totp_key - REST API


Changes a user’s TOTP key and its accompanying label. If key is not given on input, one is generated and returned on output.

Regular users may change their own keys only. Super-users may change any other user’s keys.

  • HTTP method: PATCH
  • URL path: /zato/sso/user/totp


Name Datatype Optional Notes
ust string Current user’s session token (UST)
current_app string Name of application that the call is attempted from
user_id string Yes ID of a user to change the key of. May be provided only if input ust belongs to a super-user.
totp_key string Yes User’s TOTP key, one will be auto-generated for user if it is not given on input, even if is_totp_enabled is False
totp_label string Yes An arbitrary label assigned to user’s TOTP key for convenience


Name Datatype Optional Notes
cid string Correlation ID assigned to request
status string Overall status code
sub_status list Yes Returned only if status is not “ok”, a list of error or warning codes
totp_key string Yes If there was no key given on input and one was generated, this is its value


$ curl -XPATCH localhost:17010/zato/sso/user -d '
   "ust":        "gAAAAABalYT1hsvrBVcrsKPBu3_gVV4pBO52IMCjii7GApNk8d14qQOZfs...",
   "user_id":    "zusrx2efj1q1h98n9q00tgx8scefv",
   "totp_key":   "G7WSZQ3JKCM6D",
   "totp_label": "My SSO key"

   "cid": "de00deb0471188dcdd9913a8",
   "status": "ok"