Status codes


All API calls, be it REST or Python ones, return status codes that may be additionally broken down into sub-statuses.

HTTP-level status codes are used only to signal 200 OK, 400 Bad request and 403 Forbidden - other HTTP status codes are not used because SSO functionality, through its Python API, can be exposed via protocols that may not have an intrinsic notion of status codes, e.g. AMQP or WebSockets.

Note that in certain cases the publicly returned sub-status may be followed by more specific information in server logs. For instance, a generic E005001 'You are not allowed to access this resource' may be accompanied by E001001 'Invalid username' yet this message is not returned to the caller so as not to reveal too much information to potential adversaries.

Each sub-status starts with a prefix, 'E' indicates an error and 'W' stands for a warning.

In Python, all of status codes can be access through 'from zato.sso import status_code'.

Status codes

Name Notes
ok Operation completed successfully, there is no error nor warning to report
warning Operation may have completed successfully but there was an issue to report, check sub-status for details
error Operation failed, check sub-status for details

Sub-status codes

Code Label Notes
E001001 username.invalid Such a username does not exist in database
E001002 username.exists This username already exists - for instance, during user creation
E001003 username.too_long Username is longer than configuration allows it
E001004 username.has_whitespace Username contains whitespace
E001100 user_id.invalid Such a user ID does not exist in database
E002001 email.invalid Such an email does not exist in database
E002002 email.exists This email already exists - for instance, during user creation if emails are required to be unique
E002003 email.too_long Email address is longer than configuration allows it
E002004 email.has_whitespace Email address contains whitespace
E002005 email.missing There was no email given on input yet one is required
E003001 password.invalid Password is invalid per rules defined in configuration
E003002 password.too_short Password is too short
E003003 password.too_long Password is too long
E003004 password.expired A call was issued using an account whose password has expired (e.g. in between login and this call)
W003005 password.w_about_to_exp A warning to indicate that the password is about to expire
E003006 password.e_about_to_exp Exactly as W003005 but returned as an error, per configuration
E003007 password.must_send_new Request was rejected, user must send a new password to set in place of current one
E004001 app_list.invalid Application name given on input was not found in configuration
E004002 app_list.no_signup Application name on input exists but it is not possible to log in from it, i.e. user must use another application to log in
E005001 auth.not_allowed A generic 'You are not allowed to access this resource' message, may be supplemented by details in server log
E005002 auth.locked Account is locked, cannot be used until unlocked
E005003 auth.invalid_signup_status Account cannot be used to log into because the signup process is not complete yet, e.g. the user has not confirmed it yet
E005004 auth.not_approved Account waits for approval from a super-admin, it is not possible to log in until it is approved
E005005 auth.super_user_required Super-user's privileges are required to carry out a given action but current user is not one
E005006 auth.no_such_sign_up_token Signup token given on input does not exist
E005007 auth.sign_up_confirmed An attempt to confirm a signup process was made using a token that has been already used once
E006001 metadata.not_allowed Current application that the user is logging in from is not allowed to send login metadata, such as remote_addr and user_agent
E007001 session.no_such_session Input user session token UST was invalid - either does not exist or the session expired
E007002 session.expired The session pointed to by input UST exists but has already expired
E008001 common.invalid_operation The requested operation is invalid, e.g. a user attempts to delete his or her own account
E008002 common.invalid_input At least one of values given on input was not valid
E008003 common.missing_input A value was expected on input but it was not provided by the caller
E008004 common.internal_error An internal error has occurred, check server logs for details
E009001 attr.already_exists An attempt was made to create an attribute of a name that already exists
E009002 attr.no_such_attr An attempt was made to access an attribute of a name that does not exist (applies to all of .get, .update and .delete)
E010010 password_reset.could_not_access Input password reset token or reset key could not be accessed for any reason, e.g. they never existed or they already expired or the one-time use reset token was already accessed earlier