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Used to create, update, delete and browse built-in cache definitions.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Cache name
Active A flag to indicate if the cache can be used by services or channels
Default Is this cache definition the default one in this Zato cluster
Max size Each cache may have a maximum size - in case the number of entries in the cache exceeds this size, the least recently used entries will be evicted. Note that this value is maintained separately for each Zato server process, not for the whole cluster.
Max item size Each item in cache may have a maximum size, counted in characters or bytes, depending if the entry is a Unicode object or not. Insertion of entries bigger than this size will not be allowed and such entries will be rejected.
Extend exp. on get If there is a TTL for a particular entry in cache, should that TTL be extended on GET (read) operations against such a key
Extend exp. on set As above but for SET operations (writes)



Clears the cache completely in all server processes, i.e. deletes all of its entries. This cannot be undone.



Deletes the definition from ODB. Note that default definitions cannot be deleted until another definition is made default.


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially