Cache - Built-in - Entries


Used to look up, create, edit and delete entries in built-in caches.

Header Notes
Key Entry key - can be of any length and may include arbitrary Unicode characters
Value Value - same notes as with keys
Idx Position at which the key is found in cache - goes from 0 up to the cache’s max size. A key is moved to position 0 each time it is read.
Expiry (s) Optional expiry in second, counted from the insertion’s time or last write
Expires at Expiry date
Server (PID) Server and process ID that returned information about entries - each server process maintains its own cache instance and the metadata will not always be the same
Hits How many times the key has been read so far
Last read Last time the key was read
Prev. read Previous to last time the key was read
Last write Last time the key was written to
Prev. write Previous to last time the key was written to

All dates are provided in current user’s timezone as configured in settings.

Create and Edit

Header Notes
Key Entry key - may contain arbitrary Unicode characters
Value Entry value - also may contain any Unicode characters
Key data type Defaults to String/unicode but may be changed to Integer if the key is actually an integer
Value data type As above but set the data type of value
Expiry An optional expiration time in seconds
Replace existing If checked and there is already a key of that name, its value will be overwritten with the new one. Otherwise, an error will be returned that such a key already exists along with information what its current value is.



Deletes the entry from cache. This operation cannot be undone.


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially