Channels - ZeroMQ


Used to create, update, delete and browse through ZeroMQ channels.

Each channel represents a connection through which ZeroMQ messages are received by Zato. A given service is invoked for each message received.

Creating or updating a channel (re-)establishes a connection to its underlying ZeroMQ socket.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Channel name
Active Documented below
Address Address of a ZeroMQ socket to connect to. Must start with tcp://
Socket type Type of a socket to connect to. Either PULL or SUB.
Subscription key (Optional and ignored if socket type is not SUB) Consumer’s subscription key
Service Name of an already existing service to invoke for each ZeroMQ message received
Data format (Optional) The expected data format Zato should parse incoming messages as. This will also populate a service’s data_format attribute.



Stops a channel’s connector and deletes the channel from ODB.

The ‘Active’ flag

If a channel is made inactive, its underlying ZeroMQ connection will be stopped but the connector itself will be still running.


Version Notes
3.0 Channels no longer require separate connector processes
1.0 Added initially