Lists all clusters the ODB the web admin is configured to use contain.

Header Notes
Cluster Cluster’s name and textual description
Edit Cluster edit form
Delete Cluster delete form
Load-balancer Link to load-balancer’s management forms
Servers Link to a list of servers on this cluster along with their state



Updates a cluster’s definition as it’s seen by the web admin.

Header Notes
Name Name of the cluster
Description Cluster’s textual description
LB host Host the load-balancer runs on
LB port Load-balancer’s port
LB agent port Load-balancer agent’s port


Updating LB host, port and agent port merely notifies the web admin of where to find these components - it doesn’t make them use new values provided.



Lets you completely delete every piece of information in the ODB regarding this particular cluster.

All Zato components need to be stopped prior to using this form.

You need to confirm the deletion by:

  • checking whether a name of the cluster is correct
  • typing GO AHEAD

Only now it’s possible to delete the cluster in the ODB.


This operation cannot be undone. Triple-check everything before you choose to delete a cluster.


When navigating to the list of clusters from other parts of the application, and if any has been selected, the row containing this cluster will be highlighted.


The row will also be highlighted if:

  • The load-balancer’s configuration couldn’t be fetched - as though the load-balancer’s XML-RPC agent wasn’t running
  • One or more servers in the cluster are down (as reported by HAProxy)
  • All servers in the cluster are down (as reported by HAProxy)


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially