Connection definitions - AMQP


Used to create, update, delete and browse AMQP 0.9.1 connection definitions.

A definition is a template off of which a concrete connection, either channel or an outgoing one, is created. Merely creating a definition doesn’t start a connection to a broker.

One definition can serve to create multiple channels or outgoing connections.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Definition’s name
Host AMQP broker’s host
Port AMQP broker’s port
Virtual host Virtual host to use when connecting
Username Username to log on with
Max frame size (bytes) Maximum size of a single AMQP frame, in bytes, the default is from the AMQP spec.
Heartbeat interval (seconds) How often to send heartbeats, in seconds. 0 disables the feature.

A newly created definition has a password set a random UUID4 and needs to be changed in order to be usable.

Change password


Updates a definition’s password - the password is stored in the ODB.



Deletes an AMQP definition and all the connections that make use of it.


It needs to be emphasized that any channels or outgoing connections that were using the definition will also be deleted automatically.


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially