Connection definitions - Cassandra


Used to create, update, delete and browse Cassandra connection definitions, including connections to Datastax Enterprise.

A definition is a template for either preparing precompiled CQL queries or to issue ad-hoc CQL queries with.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Definition’s name
Contact points A list of Cassandra contact points (nodes) to connect to, each on its own line
Port Port to connect to
Executor pool size Connection pool size (called executor by Cassandra Python client)
Protocol version Version of the connection protocol to use
CQL version Version CQL queries will be in
Default keyspace Default keyspace to execute queries in if not overridden when issuing the query
Username Username to connect with

A newly created definition has a password set a random UUID4 and needs to be changed in order to be usable.

Change password


Updates a definition’s password - the password is stored in the ODB.



Deletes a Cassandra definition and all the queries that make use of it.


It needs to be emphasized that any precompiled CQL queries that were using the definition will also be deleted automatically.


Version Notes
2.0 Added initially