E-mail - IMAP


Used to create, update, delete and browse through IMAP e-mail connections.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Connection name
Active Whether the connection can be used by services or not.
Host IMAP server’s host
Port IMAP server’s port
Timeout How long to wait for server responses, in seconds
Username A username to connect with
Mode Either PLAIN or SSL, depending on IMAP server’s configuration
Get criteria And-combined set of criteria, each on its own line, from RFC 3501 for the underlying SEARCH command to fetch messages by - such as UNSEEN, TO, SUBJECT and others. Defaults to UNSEEN.

A newly created connection definition has a password set to a randomly generated UUID4.



A connection can be pinged - this sends a NOOP IMAP command thus confirming that connection parameters and user credentials are correct.



Deletes an IMAP connection.


Version Notes
2.0 Added initially