Load-balancer - GUI view


Shows current server status, whether all are up or not, details of key configuration and a GUI form to update load-balancer’s core settings.


HAProxy status

Displays information whether all servers are up running or if some are down.

Use the load-balancer’s statistics to find out long a given server has been up or down.


Agent info

Header Notes
Started on When HAProxy was started, in current user’s timezone
Work dir Same as work_dir
HAProxy command Same as haproxy_command
Key file Same as keyfile
Cert file Same as certfile
CA certs file Same as ca_certs
Cert verify fields Same as verify_fields though a reminder will be shown if no verify fields have been set

Frontend config

Header Notes
Syslog host, port, level and facility Syslog config HAProxy should use
Timeouts (ms)
Plain HTTP
  • host - host LB should accept HTTP connections on
  • port - port LB should accept HTTP connections on
  • log - HAProxy log type, if any
  • maxconn - maximum number of TCP connections to accept
  • monitor URI - can be used by external tools to check whether LB is still alive

Plain HTTP servers

Header Notes
(Name of a server)
  • host, port - where should the LB believe the given server is running.

    This is meant to inform the LB of a server’s whereabouts, changing the values won’t make a server use the new ones.

    host and port always need to be kept synchronized with each server’s main.gunicorn_bind

  • extra - extra information passed to HAProxy to use in a given server stanza

Validating and saving configuration

Choosing ‘Validate config’ will make the load-balancer’s agent run HAProxy in dry run mode and return information whether the config is valid as far as HAProxy’s formal validation goes. It won’t check whether addresses given are reachable nor attempt to achieve anything besides making sure HAProxy accepts the config as such.

Choosing ‘Validate and safe’ will first validate the config as above and then HAProxy will be hot-reloaded, without disrupting any ongoing connections.



Version Notes
1.0 Added initially