Outgoing connections - AMQP


Used to create, update, delete and browse through outgoing AMQP connections.

Each outgoing connection represents a link through which AMQP messages are sent by Zato services.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Connection name
Active Is the connection active and can be used to send messages to AMQP brokers
Definition AMQP definition to read basic connection information from
Delivery mode Whether messages send should be persistent by default or not
Priority (Optional) Default message priority. 9 is the highest one.s
Content type (Optional) Default content type for messages sent
Encoding (Optional) Default message encoding
Expiration (Optional) After how many milliseconds messages should expire
Pool size How many connections to create to the AMQP broker - note that this value is for each Zato worker process rather than globally for the whole Zato cluster
User ID (Optional) User ID sending the message (consult AMQP spec)
App ID (Optional) App ID sending the message (consult AMQP spec)

Each optional value can be overridden by a service making use of the outgoing connection.



Stops and deletes underlying connections to an AMQP broker.


Version Notes
  • Outgoing connections no longer require separate connector processes for each one
  • Messages are sent in a synchronous fashion, unlike in previous Zato versions
  • Added Pool size field
1.0 Added initially