Outgoing connections - MongoDB


Used to list, create, update, and delete outgoing MongoDB connection definitions.

Each definition creates a pool of connections, each of which is based on the PyMongo library.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Connection name
Active If False, no messages will be allowed to be sent through this connection to the remote end
TLS on Whether connections to MongoDB should be encrypted
TLS v. Which TLS version to use when connecting to MongoDB

All the other parameters correspond to attributes in the pymongo.MongoClient class.

Note that all time-related parameters are in seconds unlike with pymongo.MongoClient where they are to be provided in milliseconds, e.g. a Max. idle of 600 means a maximum idle timeout of 600 seconds rather than 600 milliseconds.

Header pymongo.MongoClient attribute
TZ tz_aware
App name appname
Pool size maxPoolSize
Doc. class document_class
Max. idle maxIdleTimeMS
HB heartbeatFrequencyMS
Auth user username
Auth source authSource
Auth type authMechanism
Timeout connection connectTimeoutMS
Timeout socket socketTimeoutMS
Timeout srv. select serverSelectionTimeoutMS
Timeout WQ waitQueueTimeoutMS
Compressor list compressors
Compressor zlib level zlibCompressionLevel
Write to repl. w
Write timeout wtimeout
Write req. journal j
Write fsync fsync
Write retry retryWrites
Read pref. type readPreference
Read pref. tags readPreferenceTags
Read pref. max. stale maxStalenessSeconds
TLS cert. validation ssl_cert_reqs
TLS match hosts ssl_match_hostname
TLS priv. key ssl_keyfile
TLS priv. key pass. ssl_pem_passphrase
TLS cert. file ssl_certfile
TLS CA cert. file ssl_ca_certs
TLS CRL file ssl_crlfile



Stops the underlying connector and deletes the connection definition from ODB.


Clicking “Ping” will connect to the remote MongoDB instance and issue a no-op command to confirm that connection parameters are valid.


Version Notes
3.1 Added initially