Outgoing connections - SQL


Used to create, update, delete and browse through outgoing SQL connections, used by Zato services to access SQL databases.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Connection name

Whether the connection can be used by services or not.

If a connection is not active a service will encounter a zato.common.Inactive exception when attempting to use it.

Note that an inactive connection still can be pinged.

Host Database host
Port Database port
Database name Database name
User Database user
Pool size Connection pool size. Always start with 1 and increase only if it’s not enough in practice.
Extra (Optional) Any extra parameters passed directly to the underlying driver. For all connectin types, except for MS SQL (Direct), the arguments are sent to SQLAlchemy’s create_engine function. In the case of MS SQL (Direct), the argumetns are sent to PyTDS.connect function.



A connection can be pinged - this sends a dummy query from one of a cluster’s servers. This can be used to check whether a given database is reachable by Zato servers.

The feature is available even if a connection is inactive.

Microsoft SQL Server considerations

Connections of type MS SQL (Direct) can be used to communicate with Microsoft SQL Server instances. Unlike all the other connection types, they can only be used to invoke SQL stored procedures - using MS SQL (Direct), it is not possible to issue any other kind query, only stored procedures are supported.


Version Notes
3.1 Added MS SQL (Direct) connections
1.0 Added initially