Outgoing connections - WebSockets


Used to list, create, update, and delete outgoing WebSocket connections. This type of connection lets one send messages to endpoints of two kinds:

  • Arbitrary WebSockets
  • Zato WebSocket channels

The former is meant to be used if messages need to be sent to non-Zato based remote WebSockets, no matter what their underlying technology or implementation are. The messages are sent without waiting for a response.

The latter are designed specifically to invoke services on remote Zato clusters and to subscribe to messages published on remote clusters, thus allowing for Zato-to-Zato communication, including synchronous invocations of remote services.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Connection name
Active If False, no messages will be allowed to be sent through this connection to the remote end
Is remote end Zato If True, the remote end of this WebSocket connection will be understood to be a Zato Web-Socket channel with service helpers.web-sockets-gateway mounted on it. If False, the remote will be understood to be a generic WebSocket endpoint.
Auto-reconnect If True, connections to WebSocket endpoints will automatically try to reconnect as soon as the remote server drop one. If False, a closed connection will not be re-established until its Zato server is restarted.
Address Full address of the endpoint to connect to, including protocol and URL path, e.g. ws://
On connect service A hook service to invoke once a connection to the remote end is established
On message service A hook service to invoke for each message received from the remote end
On close service A hook service to invoke after the remote end closes the connection
Security A username/password to use if the remote end requires authentication. Ignored if “Is remote end Zato” is not True.
Pub/sub subscriptions A list of pub/sub topics to subscribe to once the initial connection is created, each topic in its own line. Ignored if “Is remote end Zato” is not True.



Stops the underlying connector and deletes the connection from ODB.


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially