Manages scheduler-initiated background jobs. A background scheduler is always started by one of the servers in a cluster. When a time arrives for a job to be invoked, the scheduler publishes a message on a broker, the message is picked up by one of the servers and a service is invoked.

Extra data is a string which Zato doesn’t interfere with - it’s provided as is to a service in its request’s raw_request attribute.

A job is of a specific type:

Type Notes
One-time For one-off jobs, a job is run and then it’s never scheduled again
Interval-based For recurring tasks, repeated indefinitely or until a specified time
Cron-style Similar to interval-based one but uses cron syntax
../../_images/scheduler.png ../../_images/scheduler-one-time.png ../../_images/scheduler-interval-based.png ../../_images/scheduler-cron-style.png


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially