Security - SSL/TLS - Outgoing - Keys and certs


Used to create, update, delete and browse SSL/TLS private keys and certificates that can be used by Plain HTTP and SOAP outgoing connections to authenticate themselves to external resources.


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A concatenation of a certificate and private key, in PEM. For instance, the contents of everything.pem obtained as follows:

$ cat my.cert.pem my.key.pem > everything.pem

Each of the servers in a cluster stores the unencrypted key/certificate pair in its own tls/keys-certs configuration directory. For instance, if a path to the server is /esb/server1 then the full path to the directory is /esb/server1/config/repo/tls/keys-certs.

Having stored the key/certificate pair on file-system a server confirms the full path in server.log, such as below (broken out into two lines for clarity):

INFO Key/cert pair saved under \



Deletes a security definition and all the objects that make use of it.


It needs to be emphasized that any outgoing connections that were using the definition will also be deleted automatically.


Version Notes
2.0 Added initially