Security - HashiCorp Vault


Used to create, update, delete and browse HashiCorp Vault definitions that can be used to secure REST and WebSocket channels.


Create and Edit

Header Notes
Name Definition name
URL Vault server’s address
Token Token using which to connect to the Vault server
Default authentication method Using which Vault security backend to authenticate incoming requests if there is no service attached to this definitions
Service Name of a service that will decided, on a per-request basis, which Vault security backend to use for authentication. May be left blank in which case the default authentication method will be used
Timeout Maximum timeout in connections to Vault
Allow redirects Should redirects be allowed in connections to Vault
Verify TLS If connections to Vault are over TLS, should the server’s certificate be verified against specific CAs
TLS key and cert TLS material to use if Zato should use a client certificate in connections to Vault
TLS CA certs A list of CAs to verify Vault server’s certificate (if using TLS)

A newly created security definition has a password set to a random UUID4 and needs to be changed in order to be usable.



Deletes a security definition and all the channels that make use of it.


It needs to be emphasized that any channels that were using the definition will also be deleted automatically.


Version Notes
3.0 Added initially