Adding and removing servers



How to add a server to the load-balancer

  • Make sure it’s been installed and started

  • Click ‘Add to LB’ - this will add it to LB’s config and hot-reload the latter’s config

  • Navigate to GUI or source code view and fix its port so it doesn’t read 123456

    This step is needed because servers don’t store port they listen on anywhere except in their config files so the LB doesn’t access have access to such information in the previous step - it needs to be provided manually by an admin.


Future Zato versions will automate the process and the manual update won’t be needed.

How to remove a server from the load-balancer’s config

  • This can be done only if a server has been previously added to the LB
  • Click ‘Remove from LB’ - this will remove it from LB’s config and hot-reload the latter’s config

How to delete a server from the ODB

  • Stop the server
  • Remove it from LB’s config
  • Click ‘Delete’ - this will delete it completely from the ODB, cascading to any related SQL data


A server cannot delete itself.


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially