Service details - main view


Displays core information regarding a service deployed on a cluster.



Header Notes
Last response time How long it took for the service to process the last request, in milliseconds
All time usage How many times the service has been invoked since it was first time deployed, i.e. the counter keeps across multiple deployments of a service with the same name on the same cluster
All time min/max/mean (ms) Minimum, maximum and mean response time across all invocations of a service, in milliseconds
1h usage How many times was the service invoked in the last hour
1h min/max/mean (ms) Minimum, maximum and mean response time in the last hour, in milliseconds
1h req/s Request rate in the last hour

Channels and scheduler

Lists all, if any, plain HTTP, SOAP, AMQP, IBM MQ, ZeroMQ, channels and scheduler jobs a service is exposed through.

Deployment info

An unformatted JSON document for each server the service has been deployed on.

Header Notes
current_user OS-level user of a process which deployed the service
current_host Hostname and FQDN of a system the server is running on
timestamp Where was the service deployed (in UTC)
fs_location Where was the Python class the service is in found
object Name of a Python class the service is implemented as
remote_user (currently unused)
remote_host (currently unused)
method (currently always ‘service-store’ and reserved for future use) How was the service deployed


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially