Service details - Sample requests/responses


Lets one specify that 1 in N invocations of a service should store its request and response for a later use.

For instance, 1 in 10,000 invocations could serve as a usage example.

By default, requests and responses are displayed as they were accepted/produced by a service - toggling pretty print on and off makes them be shown in a human-readable form or otherwise, assuming they’re either JSON or XML.

Note that only the payload a service received or produced is returned - without any transport-specific headers, envelopes or similar - this is mostly important only if you’re using SOAP XML as for JSON requests/responses or SIO responses, the raw data is already what a service deals with, there are no envelopes of any sort.

Put a server into DEBUG mode to find out what the actual raw data is.

Header Notes
Configuration One in how many invocations should be stored as a sample request/response pair. Using 0 disables the feature but doesn’t delete the old sample, if any has been stored.
CID Correlation ID
Request timestamp When was the request received, in current user’s timezone
Response timestamp When was the response returned, in current user’s timezone
Request Request data
Response Response data


Version Notes
1.0 Added initially