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IMAP and OAuth2 Integrations with Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 requires for all IMAP connections to use OAuth2. This can be challenging to configure in server-side automation and orchestration processes so Zato offers an automated that lets you access emails without requiring you to get into low-level OAuth2 details. Read more

HL7 FHIR Security with Basic Auth, OAuth and SSL/TLS


An explanation of how and when to use Basic Auth, OAuth and SSL/TLS security definitions in HL7 FHIR connections. Read more

HL7 FHIR Integrations in Python


Learn how to use Python with HL7 FHIR, a contemporary data model and message transfer protocol designed to facilitate the exchange of information among systems used in health care settings. Read more

Using OAuth in API Integrations


OAuth is often employed in processes requiring permissions to be granted to frontend applications and end users. Yet, what we typically need in API systems integrations is a way to secure connections between the integration middleware and backend systems without a need for any ongoing human interactions. OAuth can be a good choice for that scenario and this article shows how it can be achieved. Read more

What is an API gateway?


In this article, we are going to use Zato in its capacity as a multi-protocol Python API gateway - we will integrate a few popular technologies, accepting requests sent over protocols commonly used in frontend systems, enriching and passing them to backend systems and returning responses to the API clients using their preferred data formats. Read more

How to invoke REST APIs from Zato services


This Zato article is a companion to an earlier post - previously, we covered accepting REST API calls and now we will look at how Zato services can invoke external REST endpoints. Read more

SSH commands as API microservices


This is a quick guide on how to turn SSH commands into a REST API service. The use-case may be remote administration of devices or equipment that does not offer a REST interface or making sure that access to SSH commands is restricted to selected external REST-based API clients only. Read more

Understanding API rate-limiting techniques


Enabling rate-limiting in Zato means that access to Zato APIs can be throttled per endpoint, user or service - including options to make limits apply to specific IP addresses only - and if limits are exceeded within a selected period of time, the invocation will fail. Let's check how to use it all. Read more

Integrating with WordPress and Elementor API webhooks


This article deals with WordPress, Elementor and webhooks APIs - how to accept data sent from WordPress forms and how to transform such requests into JSON messages to external API endpoints. Read more

How to integrate with Confluence APIs


In this tutorial, one in the series that covers Atlassian APIs, I will show how to integrate with Confluence, how to connect to your wiki and how to extract information from it using Python. Read more