API Integrations in Python Blog - Page 3

LDAP and Active Directory as Python API Services


Turn LDAP and Active Directory into convenient REST API services that let external clients and applications use JSON to query the directories. Read more

HL7 FHIR Security with Basic Auth, OAuth and SSL/TLS


An explanation of how and when to use Basic Auth, OAuth and SSL/TLS security definitions in HL7 FHIR connections. Read more

How to invoke REST APIs from Zato services


This Zato article is a companion to an earlier post - previously, we covered accepting REST API calls and now we will look at how Zato services can invoke external REST endpoints. Read more

Understanding API rate-limiting techniques


Enabling rate-limiting in Zato means that access to Zato APIs can be throttled per endpoint, user or service - including options to make limits apply to specific IP addresses only - and if limits are exceeded within a selected period of time, the invocation will fail. Let's check how to use it all. Read more

Integrating with WordPress and Elementor API webhooks


This article deals with WordPress, Elementor and webhooks APIs - how to accept data sent from WordPress forms and how to transform such requests into JSON messages to external API endpoints. Read more

How to integrate with Confluence APIs


In this tutorial, one in the series that covers Atlassian APIs, I will show how to integrate with Confluence, how to connect to your wiki and how to extract information from it using Python. Read more

Salesforce API integrations and connected apps


This instalment in a series of articles about API integrations with Salesforce covers connected apps - how to create them and how to obtain their credentials needed to exchange REST messages with Salesforce. Read more

Architecture primer


Zato is a Python-based middleware and backend platform designed for integrating and building server-side systems. The platform belongs to a broader family of solutions that, depending on one's background, will be known under the name of an integration layer, integration platform, service-oriented platform, enterprise service bus, API server, message bus, message queue, message broker, orchestration engine or similar. Read more

Remote API debugging with VS Code


Visual Studio Code offers excellent means to debug remote API servers without a need to ever leave your IDE. This post is a step-by-step guide describing the process of configuring your local VS Code instance for remote Python and Zato code debugging. Read more

API development workflow with Zato


Zato is an integration platform and backend application server which means that, during most of their projects, developers using Zato are interested in a few specific matters that I am covering in this article. Read more