Customer Successes

01 | Cybersecurity | Sales enablement | Manufacturing | Hardware automation
Strengthening the product knowledge of Keysight's distributors and resellers to boost sales
How Keysight built a user-friendly, cutting-edge integration platform that generates new industry partnerships and drives more sales
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02 | Cybersecurity | Hardware automation | Sales | Hyper-scale ROI
Keysight develops an innovative, virtual showroom with a personalized, customer-focused experience
How an innovative virtual showroom helps Keysight shorten sales cycles while saving time and money
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03 | Health care | IoT | Supply chain management
A custom platform to securely connect multiple RFID readers and applications worldwide, enabling more reliable data flow and faster, easier customer support
How SATO Vicinity cut costs and improved efficiency with an innovative platform to connect RFID readers and applications
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04 | Logistics | Inventory management | SAP
Enabling a fast, straightforward development process, seamless integration with SAP, and expert guidance to facilitate project success
SATO Vicinity's custom logistics management app helps its client process orders 83% faster
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05 | Education | Real estate | Certification programs
RRC offers a smooth user experience and efficient internal processes while eliminating slow, manual tasks
RRC provides a seamless member experience which upholds its credibility as an education provider, and enjoys peace of mind due to an automated, hassle-free integration
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06 | Health care | Supply chain management | Migrating from legacy systems
Updating an existing product to replace legacy technology, including integrations with Microsoft SQL and Oracle, while maintaining the same functionality
How SATO ensured a smooth update of an existing product with Zato Source's integrations support
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07 | Logistics | Migrating from legacy systems
Upgrading an existing product to replace legacy technology, while ensuring smooth, ultra-secure integrations to meet stringent hospital IT policies
How SATO ensured a smooth transition and stronger security features when upgrading a logistics management app
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08 | Manufacturing | Industry 4.0
Increasing the operational efficiency and data accuracy of a global orthopedic implant manufacturer by automating previously slow manual processes
SATO Vicinity successfully delivers a custom manufacturing automation system with multiple software integrations
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09 | Health care | Shortening complex sales
Shortening the sales cycles in complex, mission-critical environments
How an interactive product demo app helps SATO bring its complex products to life for prospective customers
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10 | CRM | Salesforce | Sales enablement | B2B channels
Accurate, up-to-date data improves sales pipeline management, frees up staff time, and boosts credibility with partners
How a custom CRM integration helps Keysight improve sales pipeline management
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